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Firearms training for military, law enforcement, and qualified civilians.

“Your Skill is your Reality”

Martial Gun leads by example with the philosophy of providing professional instruction in a comprehensive training format that will improve each training participant’s knowledge of marksmanship, tactical marksmanship, and the ability to apply that knowledge with the requisite gunhandling skills required to perform safely and responsibly in any environment.

Martial Gun does not differentiate between a training environment and/or a work environment. Military and law enforcement personnel are encouraged to operate within their organizations standard operating procedures as they apply throughout the training course. Qualified civilians are required to operate within the scope of Martial Gun training guidance.

Martial Gun training is reality based and conditions the participant to function in a “360 degree hot environment” with emphasis on situation awareness, and the mental agility to rapidly make the right decisions under pressure that will enhance their survival and mitigate collateral damage.

Firearms training is inherently dangerous, there are no accidents, only negligence. Martial Gun mitigates the inherent danger of firearms training by incorporating safety into every aspect of training. This is accomplished through the explanation, demonstration, and practical application of specific standard operating procedures (SOP’s), tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP’s), and common sense applied throughout the training course.

Martial Gun conducts an initial skill assessment of each training participant and based on that assessment, tailors training guidance to meet the needs of the individual in order to maximize his/her learning experience throughout the training course.