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Martial Gun Firearms Training Methodology

Desire and discipline are required to develop a high level of marksmanship ability with a handgun, and the gunhandling skills that support the rapid application of fire within the maximum effective range.

A quality firearms training program reinforces equipment maintenance, principles and fundamentals of marksmanship, combat marksmanship, and all of the actions necessary to get the gun in action, keep it in action, and as required get it back in action. The tactical considerations of your working environment should be observed and integrated throughout the training program.

It is important that you understand the necessity and value of Dryfiring. Dryfiring allows you to develop total familiarity with your guns & equipment. Dryfire training eliminates the stress & distraction of the gun going bang two feet in front of your face while physically managing felt recoil and the actions of the gun cycling. Dryfire training supports maximum return on the time and energy you invest with minimum resources.

The only separation between dry & live fire training is the absence of the gun going bang and then cycling. Everything you do mentally and physically in the dryfire environment is exactly the same as you would perform in the live fire environment.

There are definite advantages and disadvantages between the dry & live fire environments. Your dry & live fire training must be well balanced. A well balanced training regimen will readily help you identify, isolate, and integrate the many moving parts of skill development.

A quality dryfire program supports the proper development of the mental and physical discipline required to perform well “Live”, and provides the perfect opportunity to develop the visual skills and total awareness of what you should be seeing , thinking, and feeling while you are performing a task. This developed ability to analyze your own performance, while your performing, is exactly what is needed to refine your overall skill.

The developed ability to analyze your own performance, while your performing (based on what you should be seeing , thinking, and feeling) morphs into the mental agility to rapidly make decisions as circumstances unfold in front of you. This in turn is described as the Vision, Decision, Action process of solving tactical problems in the work environment.

You must be responsible and provide secure storage of your firearms, ammunition, and related materials in your home & vehicle for your safety and the safety of others.

You must be responsible and apply both active and passive safety measures during any dry and/or live fire training to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

Maintain positive control of your firearms and related equipment at all times.

There are no accidents. Complacency leads to negligence. Negligence kills.

To ensure that you benefit from every firearms training session, be organized and approach every training opportunity with a positive mental attitude.